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Participating city

201.194 inhabitants

Local contact

Javier Carvajal Naranjo
Plaza de la Constitución nº 1 Fuenlabrada
++34 609564438

Participation 2014

The participant is committed to:

Organising a week of activities, taking into account the focal theme.
Actions relative to the theme:
III Jornada de la movilidad sostenible de Fuenlabrada para la difusión del uso de medios de transporte sostenibles en la ciudad y el desarrollo de un taller de análisis de debilidades y oportunidades de la movilidad urbana ciclista en la ciudad de la mano de sus agentes sociales involucrados.

Inicio de la Campaña de Promoción del Uso Social de la Bicicleta, que abarca un Taller Social de Bicicletas, Centro de Recuperación de Bicicletas Usadas para su alquiler social y Biciregistro para bicicletas robadas.

Desarrollo de la Biciescuela de Fuenlabrada, con actividades formativas para estudiantes y colectivos sociales de interés en la ciudad.
Carrying out a Car-Free Day event by closing one or more streets to traffic, and opening it to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. This should preferably happen on 22 September to mark your town or city as part of World Car-Free Day.
Implementing one or more new permanent measure(s), which contribute(s) to modal transfer from private car to environmentally sound means of transport.
Permanent measures implemented this year:
New or improved bicycle facilities
  • Develop public bicycle hiring and sharing systems
  • Other: Diseño de mapa de movilidad ciclista de Fuenlabrada
Traffic calming and access control scheme
  • New traffic regulations: traffic circulation and parking
New forms of vehicle use and ownership
  • Launch of online car-pooling and car-sharing schemes
Mobility management
  • Launch of awareness-raising campaigns
  • Elaboration of educational materials
  • Development of travel plans / mobility plans in consultation with local stakeholders
  • Create systems for buses and walking trains
  • Organisation of regular fora or surveys on public opinions and ideas