Campaign materials


Guidance to help you organise a successful EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK in 2018 will soon be available below. You can already find the updated Communication Toolkit, containing guidelines and design materials, here.


Looking for Campaign Materials from previous years?

You can find the Best Practice Guides, Thematic Guidelines, and more dating back to 2002 on our Previous Years page.


View Campaign Materials from previous years 

Animated GIFs

Please feel free to use the animated GIFs below, for example when posting on Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms:

Full car park

GIF [1.9mb]

MP4 [8.2mb]

Smart electric car

GIF [223kb]

MP4 [596kb]

Lightning strikes

GIF [540kb]

MP4 [2.8mb]

Intelligent shared mobility

GIF [535kb]

MP4 [861kb]