Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning Award

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) Award recognises local authorities that have developed a Mobility Plan that satisfies the diverse transport needs of people and businesses, whilst improving quality of life.

Each year, the award highlights a different aspect of mobility planning. The 2013 award recognised successful territorial and policy integration, while the 2014 edition looked at monitoring implementation with an eye to making improvements. The 2015 edition focused on providing for multimodality and intermodality in sustainable urban mobility planning.


Applications for the 5th SUMP Award are now open

This year, the SUMP award will take freight in sustainable urban mobility planning as its theme. The 5th SUMP Award will recognise the local authority or region that has shown excellence in integrating freight in the development and / or implementation of its SUMP. The theme of the 5th SUMP Award includes the economic dimension of sustainable urban mobility planning and is therefore strongly connected to the 2016 EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK theme: The economic benefits of smart and sustainable mobility.

Applications for the fifth SUMP Award are now being accepted. The closing date to make an application is 28 October 2016.


  1. Read the Call for Applications and the Award Criteria to learn more about whether your local government is eligible and what the jury is looking for.

  2. Send a completed Application Form to by 28 October 2016.


Malmö wins 4th SUMP Award

Malmö (Sweden) was announced as the winner of the 4th Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning Award at the Théâtre du Vaudeville in Brussels (Belgium) on 20 April. Director-General for DG MOVE Henrik Hololei presented the award.

Malmö received particular praise for their commitment to creating a multimodal transport network, making it easier to complete journeys sustainably. The other finalists for the SUMP Award, Utrecht (The Netherlands) and Vienna (Austria), were complimented for their own work in integrating different transport modes. Mr Hololei affirmed that “Europe can and should be a world leader in sustainable mobility solutions”.

To view the videos highlighting finalists’ achievements, visit the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK YouTube channel. To view photos from the ceremony, visit the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Flickr account.

For more information, download the description of the finalist cities.