Award for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

Finalists for the 6th SUMP Award have been announced! Read more here.

What is the SUMP Award?

The European Commission's award for sustainable urban mobility planning was launched in 2012. The aim of the award scheme is to encourage the adoption of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) by local authorities across Europe and to reward outstanding achievements in each year’s thematic priority area. 

The SUMP Award is presented alongside the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Award. Nonetheless, each award has separate objectives, whilst remaining complementary. The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Award is given to municipalities for their outstanding activities during the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK on 16-22 September, whereas the SUMP Award recognises local and regional authorities for excellence in sustainable urban mobility planning. Every year, the Award focuses on a specific topic; the 6th SUMP Award’s theme is Shared Mobility in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning.


Meet the jury!

The jury for the 6th SUMP Award includes:

  • Angelo Meuleman, Taxistop
  • Jörg Beckmann, Mobility Academy
  • Mojca Balant, UIRS - Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

Previous winners

5th SUMP Award winner: Brussels, Belgium

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) Award 2016, which focused on urban freight, was presented to Brussels for its work on making freight deliveries more sustainable. The Belgian capital stood out thanks to its innovative logistics schemes. Budapest (Hungary) and Stockholm (Sweden) were also nominated for the prestigious award. Read more in the official press release or in this Eltis case study.



Budapest (Hungary)

To view the video made for Budapest, click here.

Stockholm (Sweden)

To view the video made for Stockholm, click here.

4th SUMP Award winner: Malmö, Sweden

The Swedish city of Malmö won the 4th Award on Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning for its  impressive intermodal transport solutions with a people-friendly focus and its excellence in linking transport planning with the overall urban planning process, while taking into account accessibility for different social groups.



Utrecht (Netherlands)

Vienna (Austria)


Read more about each of the finalists here or watch a video introducing each finalist here.

3rd SUMP Award winner: Bremen, Germany

Bremen was awarded the 3rd SUMP Award due to its ambitious efforts to learn lessons, strengthen success stories and avoid failures in its transport planning activities. In addition to excellent planning and the early provision of tools for monitoring and evaluation, Bremen (Germany) closely co-operated with local stakeholders and with peer cities and networks during the evaluation process of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) adopted in 2014. Read more about the city's efforts in this Eltis case study.



Dresden (Germany)

To view the video made for Dresden, click here.

Ghent (Belgium)

To view the video made for Ghent, click here.


Special Prize of the Jury:

Thessaloniki (Greece)

Read a case study on Thessaloniki here.

2nd SUMP Award winner: Rivas Vaciamadrid (Spain)

As a growing city in the neighbourhood of the Spanish capital, Rivas Vaciamadrid adopted in 2010 a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) to face both the dramatic increase of population in the town and to connect with Madrid. The municipality paid particular attention to social, environmental and economic aspects of mobility and obtained the 2013 European SUMP Award as a reward. Read more about the city's efforts in this Eltis case study.



Strasbourg (France)

To view the video made for Strasbourg, click here.

Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)

To view the video made for Vitoria-Gasteiz, click here.


Read more about each of the finalists here or watch a video introducing each finalist here.

1st SUMP Award winner: Aberdeen, UK

Aberdeen’s SUMP is the result of an open and inclusive process that encompassed public workshops as well as a strong social media presence in order to elicit a wide range of views. The jury of the European Commission’s first SUMP Award commended this “outstanding participatory approach involving stakeholders and citizens” and honoured Aberdeen with SUMP Award: “Its successful use of social media demonstrates the Council’s ambition for innovation and connecting to citizens. Good response rates from citizens prove the appropriate application of the chosen tools.”

Read more about the city's efforts in this Eltis case study.



Ljutomer (Slovenia)

To view the video made for Ljutomer, click here.

Tolouse (France)

To view the video made for Tolouse, click here.