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Technical Department
Riccardo Lomellini
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46028 Sermide (MN)
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Participation 2012

The participant is committed to:

Organising a week of activities, taking into account the focal theme.
Actions relative to the theme:
Planning and improving a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) is a hard task for smaller municipalities, even in consideration of the difficulties in organizing an efficient public transport system at provincial (LAU-1) level.
Given these considerations, our activities are particularly devoted to raising public awareness about the value of the Po embankment (which connect the community seat with the two main other villages of the territory) as a vector for the improvement of sustainable mobility. Furthermore, the Po embankment is already included in Eurovelo Network (route n°8) and some other regional initiatives. Anyway, the embankment has not been completely closed to the vehicles transit in the past.
Thus, in conclusion, our actions will be particularly devoted to:
1. raising public awareness on the value of Po river's environment and cultural landscape, as well on sustainable and pleasant mobility (in particular as regard to the embankment road), also thanks to the events of the "Vivere il Po" ("Living Po river") initiative (which will be held from Sept. 14th to Sept. 18th), such as:
- art exhibitions in emblematic places on the Po river;
- documentary projections on the river environment and landscape;
- bike and kayak parallel trips;
- workshop on the network of cycling paths on the embankments;
- workshops on cultural landscapes, in order to favour a consciousness fruition of the territory, in line with the principles of European Landscape Convention (Florence, Oct. 20th 2000);
2. closing the embankment road to vehicle transit from Sept. 14th to Sept. 22nd, in view of a complete closure in 2013;
3. closing to vehicle transit the main places of the town on Sept. 22nd, for the initiative “In town without my car”.
Carrying out a Car-Free Day event by closing one or more streets to traffic, and opening it to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. This should preferably happen on 22 September to mark your town or city as part of World Car-Free Day.
Zone opened to residents on Car-Free Day:
Zones restricted to private cars are:
- all the Po river embankment (more than 8 km), excepted for a short part (300 m), from September 14th to September 22nd;
- some places and streets (to be defined) of the town centre on September 22nd.
Information on the initiatives will be sent to all the competent authorities on infrastructures, including highway’s societies.
Implementing one or more new permanent measure(s), which contribute(s) to modal transfer from private car to environmentally sound means of transport.
Permanent measures implemented this year:
New or improved bicycle facilities
  • Improvement of bicycle network (creation of new lanes, extension, renovation, signposting etc)
  • Other: Forthcoming improvement of the bicycle network
Traffic calming and access control scheme
  • Speed reduction programmes in zones near schools
  • Other: Speed limit and control near the schools and kindergardens in the villages of the territory by one month.
Mobility management
  • Launch of awareness-raising campaigns
  • Elaboration of educational materials
  • Create systems for buses and walking trains
  • Organisation of regular fora or surveys on public opinions and ideas
  • Other: Walking train of children will be implemented next year.