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253.200 inhabitants

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ABMEE - Brasov Agency of Energy Efficiency
Camelia Rata
Brasov City, Bld. Mihail Kogalniceanu 23
++40 268 474 209

Participation 2017

The participant is committed to:

Organising a week of activities, taking into account the focal theme.
Actions relative to the theme:
Short description: Traffic Snake Game (TSG) is a campaign developed to encourage walking & cycling to school, with primary school children, parents and teachers being the main target group.
During the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK 2017, Brasov City engages 10 schools and over 3600 children into playing the Traffic Snake Game.

Organiser: ABMEE - Brasov Agency for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection
Detailed description (English): Traffic Snake Game runs under the name of "OSCAR, SARPELE HOINAR" in Romania and it starts during EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK. With this two-week campaign, ABMEE (Brasov Agency for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection) aims to break down negative perceptions, such as the concern about road safety, and promote sustainable modes of travelling as fun and healthy for both parents and children.
Besides the game, every participating school is encouraged to organize other activities that concern traffic and mobility, environmental and health issues.
Target group(s): The TSG campaign is designed for primary schools. The game is easy and efficient. During 2 weeks, children stick dots on a banner every time they walk, cycle, use public transport or carpool to school. Each school sets a target at the beginning of the campaign based on a pre-measurement. The goal is to fill the TSG banner with dots by the end of the 2 weeks. A hands-up survey is carried out on a daily basis to monitor the school progress. By reaching key points on the banner, children receive rewards (no homework for the day, extra 15 min. playtime, various funny activities). When children reach the end of the banner, they receive a greater reward (a walking/cycling tour, a museum visit). Three weeks after the campaign, a new survey is conducted to determine long term behaviour changes.
Objectives: TSG aims to promote sustainable mobility towards children, parents and teachers, to improve the safety and quality of life in the school area, to encourage long term sustainable travel behaviour.
By walking & cycling, children become aware of their surroundings and develop road safety skills. They also improve their ability to anticipate the behaviour of other traffic participants. Furthermore, walking & cycling contribute to the recommended amount of daily exercise that children need, while also reducing congestion and parking pressure in the proximity of the schools.
Expected Outcomes: Concerned about mobility issues and interested to educate its citizens in relation thereof, Brasov City has engaged 10 schools with more than 3600 pupils to play the TSG 2017. They are expected to increase the use of sustainable transport modes and reduce their CO₂ emissions by at least 20% during the campaign period, just by playing the TSG.,
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