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Department of Edication and Culture
Paraskevi Sdrolia
Artesianou 1
431 31 Karditsa
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Participation 2007

The participant is committed to:

Organising a week of activities, taking into account the focal theme.
Actions relative to the theme:
-Especially trained teachers, who are responsible for the traffic education park of the city, visited during the week all primary schools of the city and informed pupils about the targets of the institution "European mobility week", focusing on its central motto "Streets for people".
- On Friday morning , a few school classes had the occasion to visit the traffic education park, to make graffities under the instructions of the local young group "wanted boys crew" and to experience a traffic education lesson.
On Friday afternoon a small exhibition of artistic constructions based on the idea, the form or the function of the bicycle was inaugurated. The artistc exhibition, which took place at the open-air caffee of the central park of the city, named "Pafsilipo", lasted for three days and was granted from the non governmental organisation "Demetra" of the neighbour city of Larisa.
- On Saturday morning, 20 bicyclists af all ages visited the sites of the city under the guidance of the museum staff and they finally reached a small grove in the south, where a water museum is placed. The group used only the cyclist-network, which covers the historical centre and leads to the three basic entrances of the city by now.
On Saturday afternoon, people of all ages, especially childen, participated in the artistic happenning "podilatochromies". The concept of the artistic group "technothira", under the guidance of which the happening was conducted, was to paint using bicycle wheels as brushes.
-On Sunday morning almost 1.000 citizens participated the bicyclic course, an institution organised for the last 13 years.