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FinlandKotka, Finland

52.883 inhabitants
Mia Brunila
Kustaankatu 2, 48101 Kotka
(++358) 407433733
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Kotka already registered 9x for EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK in: 2019 2018 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2009 2008

Participation 2009

Activities within the week Activities within the week

Kotka organises activities during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2009, taking into account the annual theme.

All week
Actions taken within the implementation of the project:

The City of Kotka participates both in the international Mobility –week and Car-Free Day. The theme week and its events are targeted at citizens of all age groups, authorities, companies and employees of the City of Kotka.

The aim of the theme week is to raise awareness about sustainable urban mobility, positive health effects of cycling and walking, sustainable city planning methods and to promote the use of public transport.

The events of the week encourage people to use public transport and other sustainable transport modes in a positive way. For example the free bus route will travel through an area where the usage of public transport is relatively low at the moment. Mobility–week culminates in the Car-Free Day.

Week 37:
• Mobility week –posters will be placed in local buses. The idea is to advertise the week well beforehand.
• New cycling route maps of the City of Kotka will be placed in central places, such as schools, railway stations and swimming hall
• The events of the In town without my Car week will be advertised in the internet

Week 38:
• Monday 14.9.2009:
o Press release about the activities of Mobility-week
o Challenging employees of the City of Kotka, Citizens of Kotka and corporations of Kotka to participate in a competition: persons/organizations that cycle/walk/use public transport the most, will be rewarded with a prize
o Updating -web-pages actively about the actions and central themes of the week
• Tuesday 15.9.2009:
o Press release about the seminar 16.9.2009
• Wednesday 16.9.2009
o Low emission sustainable transport -seminar,13:00-17:00
o Topics and speakers: sustainable city planning and transport (consult Reijo Helaakoski), results of the Road- and street report, Regional public transport report and the Bus terminal report of the City of Kotka (Lars Olsson and Markku Hannola).
• Thursday 17.9.2009
o Exercise -enjoyable health care -event, 15:30-18:00
 Topics and speakers: opening words (Antti Mattila), Exercise and health care (Matti Heikkilä), Medical Wellness Center, Safety issues in cycling (Liikenneturva (Agency of Traffic Safety)), TerLi-project (Sari Engelhardt)
 Performances of different sports
 Sport clubs present their activities
o Cycling trip, 10-15 km, 18:00 onward (Karhulan Latu ry)
• Friday 18.9.2009
o Releasing the results of an enquiry organized in Kotka in 2008 in web-pages. The theme of the enquiry was public transport in Kotka.

• Saturday 19.9.2009
o Travel to the Karhula Market Place Without Your Own Car -campaign
o Meri-Kymen Luonto ry gives information about sustainable transport possibilities and organic carrots to those who have traveled to the market place without their own car
• Monday 21.9.2009
o Press release about Carless Day events
o Promoting public transport in the EkoKotka-web-pages
o An advertisement about the Carless Day events will be published in the local newspaper Kymen Sanomat
• Tuesday 22.9.2009
o The Kotka City Mayor Henry Lindelöf travels to work without his own car and an article about it is published in the EkoKotka web-pages
o A public transport bus can be used for free in a certain route (the route will be confirmed later)
o A youth theatre group will be performing in local buses
o A Car-Free Day campaign area is located in the only pedestrian street in the city 11:00-15:00
o In the Car-Free Day campaign area
 Awareness about sustainable urban mobility is raised by disseminating information leaflets etc. to passers-by
 Reflectors are handed out to cyclists, walkers and Nordic walkers.
 Public transport timetables and cycling maps are handed out to passers-by
 Organic carrots will be handed to people using sustainable transport
 Cycling safety information and possibility to get a safety marking to bicycles by Police (the participation of the Police will be confirmed later)
o Some of the local schools participate in the Car-Free Day (the actual participation method will be confirmed later)
• Friday 25.9.2009
o Publishing the winners of the Cycling challenge
o Publishing an article in the EkoKotka web-pages about the activities and experiences gained from the In Town Without My Car -week.