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Participation 2010

The participant is committed to:

Organising a week of activities, taking into account the focal theme.
Actions relative to the theme:
Norrköping are planning following activities in collaboration with the East Sweden Energy Agency, and the regional network "Climate Coach":

There will be information on the municipal web page which activities that will take place during the week.

As an advertisement for the European mobility week there will be cars that have covers saying "Give your car a day of the 22th of September!" places out strategically, in busy places, such as roundabouts or in the town square both in Norrköping and the rest of the East Sweden region.

We will put on a bicycle seat cover with a printed text message "Climate smart in Östergötland" in well exposed bicycle parking spaces during campaign days.
We will encourage those citizens who choose an environmentally friendly alternative by handing out reflector tags shaped as a bus.

During the week two seminars will be held in Norrköping, titled "The Myths that build our roads". These seminars are offered in collaboration between the municipality of Norrköping and the University of Gothenburg. The speaker during the seminars will be Maja Essebo, PhD student at the department of Human and Economic Geography at the University of Gothenburg. Ms Essebos research field within mobility and myths will be the focus on these seminars as well as examples and experience from the city of Malmös work within Civitas SMILE projects. These seminars will be open to both the general public but a special seminar will also be held for staff at the municipality. Visitors at these seminars will be offered bicycle seat covers as well as a reflector tag shapes as a buss.

Norrköping will as the first municipality in Sweden offer digital eco-driving classes to staff at Norrköping municipality during the week. The education includes simulated driving lessons and theoretical lessons through an e-learning system.

The staff at Norrköping municipality will be encouraged to leave there cars at home and choose a sustainable transportation to work during the week, in order to inspire to new travel habits.

During the whole year the municipality of Norrköping will initiate work with adopting school travel plans.

A Travel habit survey will be initiated during the week including 5 000 citizens of Norrköping.
Implementing one or more new permanent measure(s), which contribute(s) to modal transfer from private car to environmentally sound means of transport.
Permanent measures implemented this year:
New or improved bicycle facilities
  • Improvement of bicycle network (creation of new lanes, extension, renovation, signposting etc)
  • Improvement of infrastructure (new foot bridges, pavements, road crossings, zebra crossings etc)
Public transport services
  • Use of ecological vehicles for public transport fleets
Traffic calming and access control scheme
  • Speed reduction programmes in zones near schools
  • Create park and ride stations
  • New traffic regulations: traffic circulation and parking
  • Elaboration of new residential areas
  • Create the tactile pavements
  • Create wheelchair ramps
  • Lowering of pavements
  • Enlargement of pavements
  • Elaboration of sound devices in traffic lights
New forms of vehicle use and ownership
  • Launch of online car-pooling and car-sharing schemes
  • Responsible car-use (eco-driving etc)
Mobility management
  • Adoption of school travel plans
  • Launch of awareness-raising campaigns