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SerbiaVranje, Serbia

83.524 inhabitants
Skupština Grada Vranja
Dejan Tričković
Kralja Milana 1 Vranje
(++381) 648519022
Vranje already registered 5x for EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK in: 2023 2022 2021 2010 2009

Participation 2010

Activities within the week Activities within the week

Vranje organises activities during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2010, taking into account the annual theme.

All week
16 September

- Media campaign in the regional and local TV stations (visit Coordinator of action in the “Good morning” program (promotion the “EMW 2010th” and review of the International Day for the ozone layer…
- Throughout the city put a poster who speak of "European Mobility Week 2010 (2.500 set of posters)
- In the 12 schools in the city there will be a lesson about air pollution and the impact of traffic (read the text on the ozone layer, discussions of students)
- The official city website posted a description of Actions, action program and the opportunity for discussions in the forum
- Local newspapers are inserting a leaflet "EMW 2010" in 3.000 pieces

September 17

- A citizens survey (Citizens have to mark what one of the options they are going to do from 16th to 22th of September)
- Performance of NGOs on the plateau in the center of the town
- There was the art competition for elementary schools on the topic of "Car Free Day"
- Presented the first issue of the regional TV station called "Walk Safe", which tells students about the dangers of traffic, critical points in the vicinity of schools, the importance of cycling for health, etc.

18.september (Saturday)

- Draw on the sidewalk - the youngest students draw and explain why it is important to walk ("The road as a blackboard for chalk art")
- Distribution of leaflets (1.500 leaflets) to citizens in the city center (talking about the benefits of car-sharing – NGO “The green door” )
- Ride your bike with local politicians ... ..
- View the film with an ecological message to regional TV station (the movie under the title " The 11th Hour ")

19 September (Sunday)

- Table Football (old people vs.young people, service and sales of equipment for cycling, stock of used bikes, an exhibition of bicycles and Selection of “most beauty bike” , the youngest and oldest cyclist on the street ...)
- Bicycle stores and service in the street
- We walk through the city with the Disabled (support action to disable persons)
- Promotion of "Mountain - bike pathway" on a nearby hill “Borino hill” which is a long 5 km

September 20

- Public debates on sustainable traffic (NGO's, radio and TV stations)
- Choice of "best-biker" in the image gallery (photos and art works with elementary school students, passers-by on bicycles and the like. The winner was a guest on TV and will have the opportunity to talk over breakfast with the city Mayor
- Making the eco-graffiti message (“Keep it clean”)
- Showing of movie that promote cycling on three TV stations in the city

September 21

- Bicycle Club of Vranje, the promotion of healthy living on regional TV station
- Set the "greenhouse" on the square in which the exhibition space is (the perceived effects of green gardening)
- Planting and distribution of evergreen spruce seedlings (to the citizens we divided
94,000 seedlings free !)


- Stopping traffic in the Main Street of city Stefan Prvovencani (1 hour before to 1 hour after business hours ... .... Riding bikes mass, schools, NGO's, businesses, city government, club cyclists, peoples....)
- Our action was supported by the Prime Minister of Serbia g.Cvetković (circumstantial Prime Minister was visiting our city the same day and we got in contact with the protocol of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister has supported our action and hiked 500 meters in support of Car Free Day.
- Set up bird houses in the backyard nursery
- Street soccer (football in the street)
- Do you drive roller ? (Children on skateboards and roller with performance)
- Bike service on the street (service and sales of equipment)
- Performance (dance school, the kids and adults)
- ALL WALK to work (the local government and two firms in the city ordered the workers to work that day to come without a car)
- Restrictions on driving vehicles of the city administration, except in an emergency
- Race bikes - elementary school children in the park (two age groups, 3-5 and 5-8. Grade)
- Children's Theatre, the play on the square
- The town of Vranje gives three bicycles (one for most active school , one bike for 1.000 cans or PET bottles and one prizes for the best picture or art work of young students)
- Bike to Aleksandrovac Lake (wagon cyclists ride from the citz center to the lake a distance of 16 km in both directions)
- Presentation on the regional TV station, summarizing the events surrounding the “EMW 2010th”