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Participating city

15.000 inhabitants

Local contact

FB 3
Josef Freiburg
Hauptstr. 56
53804 Much
++49 2245 6865

Participation 2010

The participant is committed to:

Organising a week of activities, taking into account the focal theme.
Actions relative to the theme:
Die Gemeinde Much nimmt vom 30.08. bis 19.09.2010 an der Klima-B√ľndnis Aktion Stadtradeln teil. Mehr Informationen unter
Implementing one or more new permanent measure(s), which contribute(s) to modal transfer from private car to environmentally sound means of transport.
Permanent measures implemented this year:
Public transport services
  • Use of ecological vehicles for public transport fleets
New forms of vehicle use and ownership
  • Responsible car-use (eco-driving etc)
  • Use of clean vehicles
Mobility management
  • Launch of awareness-raising campaigns
  • Development of travel plans / mobility plans in consultation with local stakeholders