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Participation 2018

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Organising a week of activities, taking into account the focal theme.
16 September
Theme: carfree sunday
- Experience the Waalbridge: we close our main bridge for cartraffic and organize a picknick for 800 persons. After that there are many activities regarding sustainable transport, but also entertainment.
- People can request to close their own street for carfree sunday.
- Today we open the first charging-poles in Gelderland for electric cars of the new concession for charging-facilities.
17 September
Theme: logistics and inland-shipping
- Our inland-shipping-harbor BCTN has an open day and explains to the visitors how the company works and what they do to be more sustainable.
18 September
Theme: Smart mobility
- Today we give away 1.000 free return-tickets for Breng Flex, the new flexible form of public transport in our region. Inhabitants of the region Arnhem and the region Nijmegen can request a free ticket.
- In the evening, the Centre for Architecture in Nijmegen organizes a debate about the spatial consequences and chances of smart mobility with interesting speakers.
- The province of Gelderland organizes a mini academy on the governance for fast cycling routes as a part of the European CHIPS-project
- We organize the 'carpool week', to promote the use of the carpool-app TwoGo with an intensive campaign.
- We launch the Lumiguide-app that shows the cyclists the location of the cycle-parkings and the amount of free spaces
- The city of Nijmegen organizes an open day at our Traffic Management Centre on Tuesday and Wednesday to explain what we do to manage the traffic in and around the city.
- For the complete Mobility Week, we have a electric carsharing-challenge. We challenge neighbours to try an electric shared car, together with shared bikes and free tickets for the bus.
19 September
Theme: Cyclists and pedestrians
- 160 schoolchildren debate the solutions for a healthier and more sustainable mobility system in our Children's Counsil.
- The Cyclelab Gelderland organizes a Designatron where schoolchildren think about measures to make cycling more appealing and safer for them. They will make prototypes of their solutions.
- In the afternoon, there is a pumptrack where children can show their BMX-skills in the city centre.
- We participate in the Green Footsteps, a programm to stimulate schoolchildren to go to school by foot or bicycle more often. The start of the national campaign will be in Nijmegen this year.
- To raise awareness for the position of blind people in the public space, the MuZIEum (MuSEEum) organizes walking tours with blindfolds, guided by blind people.
- This week, we run a safety-campaign to improve safety at crossings of fast cycling routes with car traffic, where cyclists have the right of way. Make eye contact, so you know the car have seen you!
- Also we run a safety-campaign to tell cyclists that they also have to stop for a pedestrian-crossing. A lot of cyclists ignore the crossing, and especially older people or people with a disability feel unsafe.
- Three days in a row (monday, tuesday, thursday), STEP offers a free cycling-lesson to women with an immigration-background. When they learn how to ride a bike, their freedom of movement will increase dramatically.
- The national Cyclists Federation organizes a bicycle information day for the elderly. Participants get tips and tricks that will enable them to cycle for a long time.
- We take part in the Edward-day by placing tens of empty chairs on a square in the city centre of Nijmegen, one for every road death in the province of Gelderland in 2017 to raise awareness for the need for roadsafety and safe behaviour.
- In the evening we organize a movie night in our cinema Lux, curated by Go Short film festival. We honour the bicycle with short movies: fiction, documentary, animation, music video.
- From the end of August to the end of December, inhabitants of the 18 municipalities of the Arnhem Nijmegen region can cycle for a good cause with the RingRing app, that measures the amount of kilometres you have cycled. That encourages people to cycle more and to challenge their friends, family and collegues, because people can compare their results.
- On Thursday to Saturday, Stipbike at the Dutch Bicycle Centre in Nijmegen organizes testing days for electric bicycles to experience the convenience for yourself.
20 September
Theme: Public transport
- Today, we give away 5.000 daytickets for the bus in the region of Arnhem and Nijmegen (18 municipalities), valid for one adult and two children.
- Our public transport company Connexxion has an information stand in the city centre of Nijmegen.
- We have had a succesful tender for new bus shelters, that are sustainable and circular. This week, we will show the first shelter next to our Green Capital Information Centre to show the inhabitants what bus shelters will be placed in the next couple of months.
21 September
Theme: Zero emission
- The ANWB will organize an information market for electric cars at the Kelfkensbos Square in Nijmegen. There will be show models and you can take several EV's for a test ride.
- Our largest logistical company Cornelissen will show their electric truck and a truck on LNG on the same square.
- Today, we organize a symposium on the sustainable accessible campus. We want to share the Nijmegen-approach and ask other university-cities to share their experiences and successes.
- At 14:00 the 24h Hydrogen-challenge will start in Arnhem, to finish on Saturday at 14:00 in Nijmegen. Teams of four persons will drive their hydrogen cars through Europe and share their experiences on social media.
22 September
Theme: Innovation
- We end this week with the future of mobility with an Innovation Festival with drones, automated vehicles, robotica, virtual reality, smart bikes, LEV's, EV's, hydrogen cars etc.
Carrying out a Car-Free Day event by closing one or more streets to traffic, and opening it to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. This should preferably happen on 22 September to mark your town or city as part of World Car-Free Day.
Participation in related EU initiatives:
  • The Covenant of Mayors (as signatory)