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Republic of North Macedonia Кочани (Kocani) , Republic of North Macedonia

38.092 inhabitants
Одделение за инспекциски надзор
Горги Наков и Жаклина Пауновска- Анѓелковиќ
Раде Кратовче бр.1
2300 Кочани
(++389) 72306079 & 078 354 079
Кочани (Kocani) already registered 8x for EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK in: 2022 2021 2020 2019 2017 2016 2015 2002

Participation 2021

Activities within the week Activities within the week

Кочани (Kocani) organises activities during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2021, taking into account the annual theme.

22 September
The "Rice Trail" bike tour.
The Municipality of Kocani organizes the second bicycle tour "On the rice trail" on the route: Kocani - Dolni Podlog - Mojanci - Grdovci - Kocani. The 15-kilometer bicycle tour will be attended by cycling fans, recreationists, members of sports and cycling associations, according to protocols for organizing public events in conditions of a pandemic.
The bicycle tour "On the rice track" will start at 4 p.m. from the City Square in Kocani.
With this event, the Municipality of Kocani is involved in the celebration of the European Mobility Week and encourages the use of vehicles that do not pollute the environment.