Nudgd is the 2023 MOBILITYACTION Award winner!

Nudgd, an innovative online platform leveraging behavioural science to promote sustainable school travel, impressed the jury with its interactive approach to encourage students, parents and teachers to use active travel. Some 2,400 parents, guardians and school staff from 25 schools in Helsingborg (Sweden) engaged with the platform, which gently ‘nudged’ them via smart tips, interactive maps and quizzes to encourage interest in - and show the benefits of - active commuting. During the pilot phase, almost 40% of participants changed, or planned to change, to a more active mode of transport, exceeding the target of 30%. The platform supports the City of Helsingborg’s goals to step up cycling, and promote safer, more sustainable travel.

2023 MOBILITYACTION Award finalists

GSK (Wavre, Belgium) was selected as a finalist for its comprehensive approach to mobility management, which offered replicable examples for other large employers, including 13 activities on sustainable urban mobility and mobility-conscious commuting. Examples included a car-pool “speed-dating” session; a bicycle maintenance service to ensure that employees are not forced to handle maintenance issues in their free time; and discussions with a representative of the National Railway Company of Belgium (SNCB) on transport pass options for hybrid work.

Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH (NVBW) (Germany) was chosen as a finalist for empowering students across the entire state of Baden-Württemberg to travel to school safely and sustainably via the ‘MOVERS - Active to School’ programme. In 2023, MOVERS (which is supported by Baden-Württemberg’s Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, and Ministry of the Interior) encouraged pupils to participate in a Germany-wide bike-to-school competition, in addition to supporting schools and municipalities with selected mobility measures.


Previous Winners

Metropolia GZM (Katowice, Poland)
Winner, MOBILITYACTION Award 2022

The MOBILITYACTION  jury selected Metropolia GZM for its comprehensive approach to transforming a local university car park into a green, pedestrian-friendly space. Engaging professionals from the public transport, cycling, social development, sustainable mobility and urban policy sectors, the Polish metropolis co-created a car-park transformation that would not only benefit the university, but would also decrease related traffic and encourage locals to use the space. Urban furniture and greenery were installed, as well as traffic calming measures. The first reports show more people from on- and off-campus frequenting the area. Urban designers are currently conducting interviews to better understand how to remove all ground-level parking spots and implement accessible public transport solutions across the campus.



Ar2gether (Rome, Italy)

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UCB Pharma (Braine L'Alleud, Belgium)

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