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Cargo Bike Borrowing Shop

Residents in  Jyväskylä, Finland have easy access to a range of cargo bikes thanks to the Cargo Bike Borrowing Shop. Run by JAPA ry, a local non-profit organisation, the shop allows anyone to borrow a cargo bike for 1-3 days, completely free of charge. Anyone interested can visit the shop's website, which includes pictures and descriptions of each cargo bicycle in the fleet. The website also features a reservation timetable which indicates when each bike is available.

Cargo bikes can be used for transporting heavy loads - or even children - in an environmentally-friendly fashion. There are ten options to choose from, including electric cargo bikes, tandem bicycles, bike trailers, an "event bike", and even a rickshaw. 

The "Linkki" event bike has multiple table surfaces that fold out and turn the bike into a little booth - perfect for pop-up events!

Why not take a friend or two on a leisurely cruise through town with the "Linkki-Riksa"? It even has electric assist to help with steep hills!

The aim of the Cargo Bike Borrowing Shop is to make cargo bikes available and familiar to everyone. Anyone can take a bike out without needing to invest in a new bike for themselves. Whether its taking the kids to daycare, or going to do the weekly grocery shopping, cargo bikes are a convenient and environmentally friendly way to transport heavy items from one place to another. 

For more information, visit the shop's webpage .