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Using a literary competition to promote active mobility choices

The Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) organised a literary competition under the theme "Walk to the end of the city." Participants of all ages with an interest in literature and the environment were invited to participate, submitting a piece of literature that explores the theme. Submissions that focused on walking, highlighting the health, environmental, social, and emotional benefits associated with it, were particularly sought out.

The competition was organised to challenge and showcase creativity, whilst also raising awareness of active and sustainable modes of transport in line with the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2019 theme “walk with us”.


Challenging citizens’ creativity to rethink mobility proved to be a popular initiative by the ministry. The jury, which was composed of three experts from the inspectorate, including its director and public communication experts, evaluated almost 50 contributions for their originality, creativity, motivational approach, structure, writing, and link to the theme.

All of the participants received a diploma for participating, while the three winners and the youngest participant, who was only 10-years old, also received smartwatches.

The winning contribution was a love story about how a student studying medicine and a student studying architecture met and connected with one another through their shared vision of a healthier, happier, and greener future for their city. The winner was announced in September 2019, during the week of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK.


In light of the numerous high-quality contributions received, the inspectorate has decided to organise the competition on an annual basis. The theme of the competition will change annually, in line with the annual theme of the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK campaign, and it is aimed to help further promote sustainable mobility and cultural life in the region.

For more information and to read the winning contributions, click here

All images have been kindly provided by the regional inspectorate of the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria.