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'Kidical Mass Köln – Kids on the bike!' in Cologne (Germany)

On 20 September 2020, Kidical Mass Cologne (Germany) organised a child-friendly bicycle ride through Cologne to highlight and campaign for child-friendly transport policies in their city. The action, which was organised under the motto “kids on the bike”, was open to participants of all ages and took place on 20 September, marking World Children’s Day 2020, which is celebrated in Germany on that date.

With streets secured by local policy participants travelled safely from Köln Rudolfplatz to Leo-­Amann-­Park in the city`s Ehrenfeld quarter.

A number of organisations participated in the event,

contributing to the action and raising awareness around the issue. Greenpeace Cologne, for example, organised a human barrier to protect bicycle lanes near the end of the route, highlighting the importance of road safety, while UNICEF Germany and Greenpeace Youth Cologne organised activities for children mid route, such as street painting, highlighting children’s rights issues in Germany.

Through their action, Kidical Mass Cologne wanted to draw attention to the findings of a survey, which revealed that 74 percent of respondents in Germany do not feel comfortable letting their children cycle unaccompanied in cities. In addition, they wanted to advocate for more child-friendly, green and livable cities for all. In particular, they call for speed limits to be reduced to 30 km per hour in urban areas and for the installation of safe school bicycle path networks in Cologne and other cities.

In total, approximately 1500 people participated in the event, including the Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker. The voluntary initiative is supported by a broad alliance of children, biking and environmental organisations and was mirrored by a series of similar initiatives and campaigns by Kidical Mass initiatives and bicycle associations in cities and towns of all sizes in Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland. More than 22,000 cyclists of all ages participated in over 100 such actions across Europe.

Due to the success of and support received for their action, Kidical Mass Cologne are already planning on organising another MOBILITYACTION in 2021, so stay tuned to keep updated.

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