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Ecological treasure hunt sees children photograph sustainable mobility initiatives in Italy

Roarr, an ecological treasure hunt for children in the Italian regions of Tuscany and Marche, aims to use photography to teach children about sustainability in a fun and innovative way.

The treasure hunt is open to children of all ages, who can either participate through their school class, or alongside friends or family members.

Children that take part in the treasure hunt need to first (with the help of their parents or teacher) register their participation on the Roarr website. Then they will be able to access the online album, where they will find a list of 50 eco-actions which they are challenged to find and photograph.



The eco-actions cover a wide range of sustainability topics, including sustainable mobility, and each action is accompanied with a description, which explains to the children why this particular action is environmentally friendly.

After uploading their photographs to the online album the children can share them through social media. The highest rated photos on social media are awarded prizes.

The most impressive photographs submitted to the online album are also presented with prizes, such as theatre tickets and environmental workshops.

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All images sourced from Roarr.