Campaign resources for 2020

Poster 2020

The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK poster displays visual elements of the campaign as well as the date and the 2020 call to action: ‘Zero-emission mobility for all’

Recognising that COVID-19 measures vary from one country to another, we have designed our 2020 campaign material to reflect this. In total three sets of campaign materials are available featuring EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK mascots with and without masks in different public settings.


Logo 2020 - "Doughnut"

Thematic guidelines*

 *Note: The present Thematic Guidelines were produced before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in our lives. A factsheet with the lessons learnt over the weeks of lockdown will be published later this year to complement these guidelines and to help local campaigners get ready for EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2020.

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Campaign Video 2020

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Translations in further languages to follow soon.

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