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How to organise a Car-Free Day in 10 steps

Why wait until 22 September when you can organise a Car-Free Day/Weekend at any time? Check out these 10 straightforward steps that local authorities can take to organise a Car-Free Day.


Download (English) - PDF - 340 KB

All EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK participants are highly encouraged to use a common branding for the campaign. To this end, the campaign graphics and a communication toolkit have been developed. All of the elements are designed in a way that allows them to be easily integrated in the production of campaign materials at any time throughout the year.  Alongside the resources and the toolkit, a set of Visual Guidelines has been created; these guidelines explain how to use the elements included in the kit.

All of the graphics are free of charge and are not protected by any copyright. Download either all of the materials at once or individual elements below. 

Communication Toolkit

Communication Toolkit

The entire toolkit is quite large and may take some time to download completely. If you do not wish to download the entire toolkit, you can also consult the Visual Guidelines first and then download the individual materials that you need.


Download the complete Communications Toolkit - ZIP - 783 MB

Campaign materials from previous years

Looking for campaign materials from previous years?

You can find the Best Practice Guides, Thematic Guidelines, and more, dating back to 2002 on our Previous Editions page.


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