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'Earn points on your eco-friendly travels' in Östersund, Sweden Sweden

16 - 22 September 2021

Earn points on your eco-friendly travels in Östersund

Citizens' mobility habits are difficult to change.  In the Swedish city of Östersund, ciitzens were encouraged to take sustainable trips, including bike rides or the using public transportation. This action, which took place during the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK, allowed the participants to accumulate points for each sustainable trip and compete against each other. The most successful contestants could win prices.

Citizens could participate by downloading a free dedicated app, which allowed them to plan their trips, track the progress and compare the score.  During the competition week, many factors influenced the final score, like the selection of vehicles, such as bus, bike or walking. Furthermore, an information campaign was deployed via the app.

Overall, it is a creative and suitable initiative to encourage citizens to actively engage in sustainable mobility. The cumulation of small actions play a key role in the green transaction process, especially in the public transport sector.


Rådhusgatan 46
831 34 Östersund
Sweden Sweden