MOBILITYACTIONS in the spotlight

Social Engagement & Dialogue

Metropolis Spain

07 September - 13 October 2022

This MOBILITYACTION in the spotlight includes streets designed for children, by children. 

This project took place at the ‘Colegio Internacional de Sevilla - San Francisco de Paula’ in Seville, Spain. The initiative is called ‘Metropolis’ and allows students aged 11-12 insight and hands-on experience in urban planning. The students conducted research on impacts and the responses to urban design from different parts of the world, considering issues such as economics, health, energy efficiency and the climate crisis.

Teachers from a broad range of academic disciplines supported the process and objectives. Students actively engaged with their local environment and learned practical skills as well through activities such as documenting walks, studying and learning how to repair bicycle mechanisms, learning highway code, studying concepts of space, language, and symbols, and using technology for some activities.

Students were encouraged to share their opinions, artistic visions, and practical solutions to redesign various locations in Seville towards more sustainable urban mobility planning, exploring the themes of conflict resolution and positive narratives. The results were shared in a public consultation.

For further information, you can follow the link below and watch the YouTube video about their project.


C. Alcázares, 8, 41003 Sevilla
Spain Spain