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'Promote Park + Ride' in Antwerp, Belgium Belgium

Permanent since 01 August 2020

The city of Antwerp, one of the largest ports in Europe and a significant destination for workers, tourist and other visitors from the BeNeLux and beyond, is suffering from congestion, both around the ring road and the city centre. In order to reduce the burdens of the passenger vehicle, Q-Park is providing a great solution. The operator of car parks in the BeNeLux decided to offer a 50% discount on parking at Antwerp Berchem Trainstation, a parking facility at the ring road - offering a multitude of options to travel to the city centre with public transport. Q-Park seeks to decrease the amount of cars in the city centre, decreasing inner-city emissions while increasing accessibility, liveability and safety for pedestrians and cyclists alike. With this clearly communicated mobility solution, it is easy and attractive to visit Antwerp. Visitors no longer need to drive into the city centre nor do they frustrate traffic by looking for a place to park.

Read the full story on the Q-Park Homepage.


Q-Park Berchem Station
Burgemeester E. Ryckaertsplein 2
2600 Antwerpen
Belgium Belgium