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Bicycle Heroes - Youth Voices for Active Mobility Italy

03 January 2022 - 02 January 2023

The city of Rome is cooperating with the two partner cities of Dublin (IR) and Lisbon (PO) in the 'Bicycle Heroes' project, which aims to engage with children in solving urban mobility challenges related to cycling by addressing the needs of  as a way of addressing the needs of children that are aged between ten and 14. Once the barriers for cycling are identified, smart design solutions to overcome these barriers are developed and presented to the public. Thus, this scheme should promote cycling and active mobility from a young age onwards and should raise awareness of the wants and needs of young citizens.

The project will increase awareness, ownership of, and involvement in, mobility challenges and solutions, both for children but also within the broader population. The project, which is supported by EIT Urban mobility and is co-funded by the European Union, also helps other road users to understand the unique perspective of children concerning the modern mobility challenges of urban areas. Their needs, when met, make cities safe for other vulnerable groups such as the elderly or disabled and they are effective spokespeople for change given their influence over their families. 

The initiative is associated with BYCS and Roma Servizi per la Mobilità' coordinated the efforts in Rome as one of the three cities. 

You can find further information on the dedicated homepage here and on the website dedicated to Bicycle Heroes.


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