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First bike shelter in Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina

Permanent since 13 May 2021

First bike shelter in Sarajevo

In Sarajevo, a bike shelter was built in the courtyard of the 'Third Gymnasium' school. This first installation to promote active mobility should be considered as a crucial point for cyclists in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as more bike shelters are planned.  The aim of the project is to enhance sustainable urban mobility through the construction of a bicycle parking area with a design conceived to protect vehicles from weather conditions, theft, and vandalism.

The decision to locate the shelter in the schoolyard has several underlying strategic reasons. Firstly, the school is located on Wilson Promenade, one of the most important cycling routes, and offers a large catchment area including students and teachers. Secondly, the schoolyard can be well-observed from the street and by the school staff, thus, the chances of bicycles being stolen or vandalized are drastically reduced. The new shelter will support bike use and raises awareness that cycling is an important means of transportation.

Furthermore, the school as an educational institution is be the right place to make new generations aware of the need to implement new and more sustainable forms of mobility to reduce pollution levels and promote a more liveable environment.

You can find information about this action on the following facebook channel.


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