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'Kidical Mass Köln - Kids on the bike!' in Cologne, Germany Germany

20 September 2020

Many supporters of sustainable and active urban mobility are aware of the 'critical mass' movement, a coordinated bike-ride to raise awareness for the wants and needs of cyclists in urban environments. The alliance 'kids on bikes' from Cologne (Germany) has framed this initaitive to promote 'a child- and bicyle-friendly Cologne' by setting up a common bike parade of children and adults. Thus, this event, which has developed into a movement in Cologne and various other German cities, was awarded by EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK with the 'best action 2020'. During the coordinate bike-ride on 30 August 2020, around 800 children and adults participated in the tour through the German city with its famous cathedral.

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Visit the homepage of 'Kidical Mass Köln' for more information


Rudolfplatz, 50674 Köln
Germany Germany