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17 - 24 September 2022

Cycling along the Western Balkan Greenways

The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is more than just urban mobility, as initiatives for joint nature explorations also exist among the MOBILITYACTIONS. The ‘Western Balkan Greenways’ are a great example of a long-standing initiative, established in 1998. This group of cycling enthusiasts are organising information events, excursions and carrying permanent activities to promote cycling development. Besides the aim of introducing bicycles into urban transport systems, the organisation executed several activities and cycling tours.

Several bike festivals were organised in Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia were organised, alongside with events to promote the revitalisation of greenways and a first border crossing solely for cyclists and pedestrians in the Balkans. Promotional materials were distributed to several dozen participants during the events across the beforementioned countries.

In addition to the cross-border cooperation of cycling enthusiasts, the focus was set on the potentials to restore abandoned railway tracks and repurpose old railway stations for leisure purposes. Especially the latter offers a significant potential, as several thousand of them are waiting to be repurposed.

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