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"Mobility of blind people in the city" themed nature walk Turkey

25 September 2021

“Mobility for blind people in the city” themed nature walks

Public transport systems play a crucial role in the daily lives of citizens. However, accessibility issues can create difficulties for visually impaired citizens. Sometimes, accessible public services could be the only opportunity for disabled people to travel autonomously to work, school or to go shopping.

In order to encourage the participation of visually impaired citizens to an outdoor event, the Antalya-based ‘helpzone’ organisation planned nature walks and tandem bike rides for the visually impaired, by providing the necessary safety tools. After the common activities, a moderated talk was organised to discuss the mobility experiences of visually impaired citizens. The social activity was concluded with a picnic.  

Sharing these experiences is especially important to raise awareness about the needs of disabled citizens. The process of developing public transport services accessible to everyone needs the direct involvement of the impacted community. This is the first step towards improving  the accessibility to public services and institutions, while promoting social equality and creating an inclusive public transport system.

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