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Hive.Mobility: innovation centre for smart and green mobility Netherlands

Hive.mobility is a network in the Northern Netherlands to foster the transition to a more sustainable and smarter mobility of goods and people. Knowledge and educational institutions, governments, companies, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations are working together within hive.mobility. The partners devise solutions for the region based on the idea that these can then be widely applied in the Netherlands and Europe.

Hive.mobility is a "movement" in which various initiatives and parties work together, share information and reinforce each other with a common goal: the mobility of the future. The aim of hive.mobility is to connect knowledge, expertise and initiatives of the various participating organizations, to further strengthen the position of the northern region and to make the region visible as a leader in the field of smart and green mobility.

Collaboration between the parties is aimed at the (further) development, integration and, above all, the implementation of the opportunities that new, innovative technological developments and digitization offer for the further sustainability of transport. The mobility challenges cannot be solved by one party, these require a combination of different disciplines.

The Northern Netherlands is well positioned to realize the necessary pioneering innovations. There is a good infrastructure, both physical and digital. Partly for this reason, the region is an ideal testing ground: the Netherlands in miniature with Groningen as a large city and many rural areas around it. If something works here, it can be used anywhere in the Netherlands and often across Europe.
In addition, Groningen positions itself as a 'City of Talent'. It is buzzing with new innovations, high tech and creativity. The number of start-ups in the region is growing rapidly. Hive.mobility offers the connection through joint ambition and the right mentality. In addition, there are strong connections and cohesion. There is a lot of supply and demand that can be brought together, and the mutual lines are short and fast. We have a common direction and strategy with concrete cooperation in projects.

In short: working together on the mobility of tomorrow happens in the 'Hive' in Groningen.


De Bunders 1, 9747 AX Groningen
Netherlands Netherlands