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Prototype rearrangement of traffic at Miarki Street in Bytom Poland

15 September - 31 October 2021

Prototype rearrangement of traffic in Bytom, Poland

The Polish city of Bytom is reorganising traffic in Miarki Street, one of the main streets of the city, to improve several urban challenges.  

The street, located in the city centre, is used by almost  drivers per day and the high flow of vehicles has negative impacts on noise and air pollution, as well as the safety of citizens. Thus, residents have complained about the lack of pedestrian crossings and the vehicle speed. According to recent measurements by the ‘Metropolitan School of Prototyping’, the average speed of cars is 62km/h, or 12km/h above the speed limit. Furthermore, the lack of parking spaces leads cars to park in prohibited areas, occupying kerbs and cycle paths.

The considerable number of urban issues led the ‘Metropolitan School of Prototyping’ to present a revitalisation programme for the area with the aim of calming traffic on Miarki Street, reducing noise and improving the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. The implemented pilot programme will initially be evaluated by residents and drivers with the potential to become permanent. It can be also considered as an example for improving the viability on the main road arteries in cities with the same situation as Bytom.

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ulica Karola Miarki, Bytom
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