Nationale Fiets Telweek/ Nationwide Cycle Countweek

19 September 2016 - 25 September 2016
Biking is big in The Netherlands, with a total of 18 million bicycles on 17 million residents. With the biggest bicycle survey in the Netherlands, the Nationale Fiets Telweek, we want to accumulate data and insights in how to facilitate all these cyclists. And now, we can also offer the survey to your region.

Over 55.000 cyclists participated in 2015 - goal is 75.000 in 2016!
The unique Fiets Telweek app measures how we get from A to B, at which speed, at which times, with how many and where delays occur. Or, where the potential lies for a bicycle highway. Because the more we know, the smarter and more efficient we can improve our biking infrastructure.

In 2015, more than 55.000 participants in The Netherlands joined the survey. In addition, the Fiets Telweek was an extra motivation to go biking. Let the survey be an extra motivation in your region, too. For 2016, we aim at a total of 75.000 app downloads.