Tangenziale dei bambini (children's ring road)

Permanent since 06 May 2016
Casalmaggiore CR Italia
Tangenziale dei bambini (children's ring road)

In the three-day event ‘La città dei bambini’ it was inaugurated the ‘Tangenziale dei bambini’, a pedestrian/cycle path which is spread over a couple of kilometres along the main bank of the river Po. The route is an extremely safe route because it is closed to vehicular traffic and therefore suitable as road to school.

It is an actual ring road with traffic signs, in every way suitable for children. It will be used by children to get to and from school, the gym, the library, and the most attractive places in the downtown area, surrounded by beautiful scenery and sheltered from traffic risk and smog.

‘Tangenziale dei bambini’ has all the features of a true ring road: it is peripheral, unites all the main sites of downtown and is equipped with exits (nine).

This ring road allows children to stay clear of the downtown street risks, especially in the rush hours of the schools when 1 000 people (parents and pupils) have a hard time weaving in and out of c