Walk with us and try Kyndes-scooters

16 September 2019 - 22 September 2019
Calle Hidalgo de Pinto N41-95 y Charles Darwin Edif COMBIRA 2do Piso
A week to let the citizens learn about e- scooters and try them, free of charge. The objective is to encourage use of e-scooters as a valid sustainable and complementary alternative mobility mode to walking and to public transport to commute from home to work or study or to entertainment areas, instead of using petrol/diesel cars.
Durante una semana permitiremos que los ciudadanos puedan conocer mas sobre el uso de los scooters patinetas electricas y usarlos gratuitamente para fomentar su uso como alternativa complementaria para caminar y usar otros medios de transporte públicos en lugar de usar el automovil con motor de combustion.


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