ROSY takes care of people and the environment

Permanent since 16 September 2018
Ludwigstrasse 17b, 70176 - Stuttgart, Germany
Congestion and tough traffic in major cities such as Stuttgart are a burden for residents, drivers, and the environment. Constant braking and accelerating lead to more fuel consumption and higher CO2 emissions. Due to the traffic model, which is continuously updated by new data, it is possible to make a statement about the traffic flows in road networks and the loadings in real time.
Staus und zäher Verkehr in Großstädten wie Stuttgart stellen für Anwohner, Autofahrer und Umwelt eine Belastung dar. Das ständige Abbremsen und Beschleunigen führt zu mehr Spritverbrauch und höheren CO2-Emissionen.