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Upcoming webinar to provide tips on how to draft a good MOBILITY ACTION

27 November 2019

On Thursday 5 December, 11:00-12:00 CET, the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK secretariat will hold a webinar for businesses, NGOs, schools and other actors, including cities, on how to draft a good MOBILITYACTION.

A MOBILITYACTION is any action that promotes the idea of sustainable urban mobility. It can be limited to a specific day or last for several weeks/months and can take place at any moment of the year, not just during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK.

MOBILITYACTION’s promote a behavioural shift towards a more sustainable urban mobility culture and are of a promotional rather than a technical nature (i.e. technical innovations themselves will not be recognised), with examples including cycling to work with your neighbours, or if you’re an employer, taking concrete action to encourage your employees to use public transport.

During the webinar, participants will gain the chance to explore some best practice examples of MOBILITYACTION’s carried out across Europe, and will gain tips on how to draft their own perfect MOBILITYACTION.

To register for the webinar, click here.

Less than one month left to apply for the EU Urban Road Safety Award

18 November 2019

There is less than one month left for towns and cities to apply to the first EU Urban Road Safety Award.

The award, which is open for submissions until 16 December, rewards outstanding and innovative achievements by local authorities in the area of road safety and encourages the exchange of good practice across Europe.

In light of the fact that 38 percent of road fatalities and more than 50 percent of serious road injuries occur on urban roads, the award rewards local authorities for adopting holistic measures to improve road safety, within the spirit of the internationally recognised “Safe System” concept.

The EU Urban Road Safety Award will be presented in spring 2020 together with the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK and SUMP awards, and honours local authorities that have implemented innovative long-term safety improvements.

Applications will be accepted from European local authorities that have legal competence in developing and implementing road safety measures on their territory.

For more information about the award, the entrance criteria, and how to apply before the 16 December deadline, click here.