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Driving electric, autonomous, all-weather buses past the 'Finnish' line

9 August 2019

Earlier this year, ‘Gacha’ – the first autonomous, all-weather, electric bus – was unveiled in Helsinki (Finland), and has since been introduced in Espoo (Finland).

Gacha was developed in partnership between Finnish company Sensible 4, which provided the bus’ technology, and Muji, a Japanese company that worked on the design.

The autonomous bus is particularly unique in its ability to function in all weather conditions. This is especially crucial in a country like Finland that faces harsh winters. User experience was also carefully considered. Gacha can accommodate ten seated passengers, and six additional standing adults, and its interior aims to foster a “social environment.”

Marja-Liisa Niinikoski, CEO of Helsinki Business Hub, explains that Greater Helsinki has, “several urban testbeds enabling the creation of new smart mobility solutions and the city hosts the first open-mobility-as-a-service ecosystem in the world.” These are among the many ways that the city has invested in developing mobility innovations.

Throughout 2019, the bus will continue to be rolled out in other cities throughout Finland.

To learn more about Gacha, click here.