Contact & Activities

Participating city

Caen La Mer - Communauté d'agglomération
225.000 inhabitants

Local contact

6 bd Georges Pompidou
14050 CAEN
++33 0231254580

Participation 2007

The participant is committed to:

Organising a week of activities, taking into account the focal theme.
Actions relative to the theme:
Lundi 17 septembre : Création d'un parcours intrazone dans une nouvelle zone d'activités Normandial pour le déplacements des actifs.

Mercredi 19 septembre : Journée de découverte du transports publics de Caen la mer à 1 euro !

Vendredi 21 septembre : Inauguration de 19 bus pour le réseau Twisto
et sensibilisation des actifs pour les trajets domicile/travail en transports publics.
Implementing one or more new permanent measure(s), which contribute(s) to modal transfer from private car to environmentally sound means of transport.
Permanent measures implemented this year:
Public transport services
  • Improvement and extension of the public transport network (creation of HOV lanes for public transport modes, new stops, new lines, reserved areas etc)
  • Improvement and extension of the public transport services (express services, increase frequency etc)
  • Development of new technologies to improve public transport
  • The development of accessible transport services for all
  • Create useful tool for people with reduced mobility
Mobility management
  • Adoption of workplace travel plans
  • Launch of awareness-raising campaigns
  • Launch of seamless transport modes to facilitate access to business areas or other social areas