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UkraineBereznyky, Ukraine

3.053 inhabitants
Bereznyky municipality
Ivan Dukaj
Bereznyky, 213
89335 Bereznyky Bereznyky
(++380) 0313347221
Bereznyky already registered 1x for EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK in: 2011

Participation 2011

Activities within the week Activities within the week

Bereznyky organises activities during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2011, taking into account the annual theme.

All week
The topic of urban mobility is relevant in context of awareness raising and educational activities for the inhabitants of the village. For us it is important to provide children and adults with the information about consequences of the private cars extensive use as well as to improve conditions for the alternative transportation. Activities of the week and permanent measures are focused on creation of conditions for alternative mobility.

Permanent measures Permanent measures

Bereznyky implements one or more new permanent measure(s), which contribute(s) to modal transfer from private car to environmentally sound means of transport.

New or improved bicycle facilities
Improvement of bicycle facilities (parking, locks etc)
Further info
Building of bicycle parkings near the shops and trade centers.

Car-free day Car-free day

Bereznyky carries out a Car-Free Day 2011 and closes off one or more streets to traffic, and opens it to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

Zone opened to residents on Car-Free Day:
One of the central streets will be closed for the whole day. At the closed street there will be children drawing competition held and children sport competitions.