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Nottingham organises activities during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2012, taking into account the annual theme.

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Moving in the Right Direction

Nottingham City is delivering a comprehensive sustainable transport strategy as set out in the Nottingham City Local Transport Strategy 2011- 2026 which was adopted in April 2011 (LTP3). The LTP3 Strategy forms the blueprint for shaping the future of transport provision and infrastructure over the next 15 years and was widely consulted on with business, key stakeholders and citizens as part of its preparation.

Our vision for transport in Nottingham by 2026 is to achieve a culture change amongst Nottingham’s citizens and visitors, where walking, cycling and public transport becomes the logical first choice. We aim to tackle congestion, support local economic development and promote grater accessibility and equality of opportunity which will contribute to a safer and healthier environment whilst also reducing emissions and carbon consumption. The heart of the plan is the integration of transport options through investment in major transport projects including Nottingham Express Transit Phase 2 (tram lines 2 and 3) and the Nottingham Station Hub combined with smaller scale improvements in local neighbourhoods to improve the overall quality of life for our citizens.

This vision will be achieved through five strategic objectives:
• Delivering a world class sustainable transport system which supports a thriving economy and enables growth
• Creating a low carbon transport system and a resilient transport network
• Improving access to key services, employment and training including creation of local employment and training opportunities
• Improving the quality of citizens’ lives and transporting neighbourhoods
• Supporting citizens to live safe, independent and active healthy lifestyles

The strategy is being delivered using a hierarchical approach which prioritises:
• Asset management to manage and maintain existing assets and services, then
• Demand management to better integrate land use and transport to reduce the need to trave combined with promotion of sustainable travel options and using parking policies and fiscal measures to reduce the demand for car travel, then
• Promotion of sustainable travel alternatives by improving walking, cycling and public transport networks and infrastructure and promoting interchange through shared facilities and ticketing options to support flexible and multi-modal journeys, then
• Efficiency improvements to make the best use of existing transport networks by prioritising road space for sustainable travel modes, use of smart technology to make efficient use of road space and promoting take up of low carbon transport options, and finally only
• Delivering capacity improvements through construction of new highway infrastructure as a last resort.

The delivery of our strategy is being supported by the implementation of the UK’s first Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) which requires businesses with over 10 parking spaces within the City of Nottingham to pay an annual levy which is being used to support the delivery of improved public transport services by contributing to the funding of NET Phase 2 (extension of the tram network) and supporting the local link bus network to complement the commercial bus service offer.

Nottingham, in partnership with Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire County Councils, Sustrans, NHS Nottingham City and the business community through the Greater Nottingham Transport Partnership, successfully worked together to secure an additional £15million funding for the Nottingham urban area from the Department for Transport through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) for 2011/12 – 2014/15. This 4 year programme will help us to establish Nottingham as an exemplar city region for sustainable travel in the UK and Europe by through 4 workstrands:
• Development of the smartcard ticketing offer including integration of travel options (eg bus and bike) to promote flexible journeys supported by personalised journey planning solutions for key target groups;
• Establishing a network of Community Smarter Travel Hubs to embed a change of travel culture in communities combined with creating an environment to support sustainable travel options by creating a 20mph city;
• Providing an enhanced business support package supported by development of a low carbon transport network including investment in low carbon buses, cycling corridors, electric vehicle charging points and a city car club;
• Providing a comprehensive active travel package to promote walking and cycling through schools, colleges, universities and community settings.
The development of our LSTF programme received wide support from business and community stakeholders and is being delivered in partnership with a range of partners and third sector organisations.

Permanent measures Permanent measures

Nottingham implements one or more new permanent measure(s), which contribute(s) to modal transfer from private car to environmentally sound means of transport.

New or improved bicycle facilities
Improvement of bicycle network (creation of new lanes, extension, renovation, signposting etc)
Develop public bicycle hiring and sharing systems
Improvement of bicycle facilities (parking, locks etc)
Public transport services
Construction of new tram lines started
Traffic calming and access control scheme
Introduction of 20 mph limits
Mobility management
Launch of seamless transport modes to facilitate access to business areas or other social areas

Car-free day Car-free day

Nottingham carries out a Car-Free Day 2012 and closes off one or more streets to traffic, and opens it to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

Zone opened to residents on Car-Free Day:
To celebrate In Town Without My Car Day on Saturday 22nd September the City Council in partnership with the Greater Nottingham Transport Partnership, Sustrans Ucycle team and Tramlink, are holding a Big Wheel Green Spaces Day in the Hockley area of Nottingham city centre. Sections of Broad Street, Carlton Street George Street and Stoney Street will be closed to vehicles for the day removing parking, waiting and loading to the frontages of around 50 commercial premises to create a performance space and picnic area to enhance the existing pavement café areas provided in the summer months along Broad Street. The area is very accessible by public transport, both bus and tram, Tramlink are supporting the event with a discount weekly ticket offer and additional secure cycle parking will be provided as part of the event. The day will be the focal point of a week of activities outlined below and will offer a family friendly street festival full of games entertainment and music to attract families to a vibrant area of the city thereby increasing trade for a number of independent cafes and retailers.

The day’s programme will include:
• A workshop and live performances of a bicycle ballet "Dance of Cycling"
• Live music;
• An outdoor picnic area on Broad Street with lawn games;
• Sustrans bike bingo and guess the weight of the bike activities
• Special screening of 80 Days Around the World at the Broadway cinema;
• Ridewise try out bikes area
• Secure cycle parking area, free bike repairs, transport information and guided rides;
• Limited edition transport themed Geo Cache Treasure Hunt around the City centre starting and finishing in Broad Street

To find out more about the day visit the Big Wheel's Green Spaces information page at www.the