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GreeceKozani, Greece

71.388 inhabitants
Mayor's Office
Elena Anagnostou
Niki's Square 1, Kozani, 50131
(++30) 2461350311
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Participation 2020

Activities within the week Activities within the week

Kozani organises activities during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2020, taking into account the annual theme.

16 September
The European Mobility Week of the Municipality of Kozani starts on September 16th by supporting the European action Roadpol Safety Days, which focuses on road
security!! The message of Roadpol Safety Days is that if every road user does small changes to reduce the risk to himself but also the risk to them other road users, then together we can achieve significant changes. The ultimate goal of the institution is to eliminate the number of people killed every day on the streets of Europe. We invite citizens to connect to the Municipality's youtube channel (ΔΗΜΟΣ ΚΟΖΑΝΗΣ) today at 5pm and watch the educative action "The Traffic Behavior is a matter of Education ", which took place in collaboration with the Police Administration Department and the Municipal Police of Kozani. Covid-19 does not stop us from being active and involve people to our actions!

Following is a meeting at 6 pm at the Skrka lighthouse, where the's will be waiting for us SEO Kozani (hiking club) for an excursion on the paths of Aelias. Starting from the starting point, you will we follow the path to the shelter of the Association in Smathko, we will continue to Agios Thomas and from the path through the forest we will return to the starting point. The route is for everyone, it is about 5 kilometers long and its duration is about 2 hours. Distances and measures to prevent the spread of covid-19 will be observed.
Finally, we inform the citizens that from today until September 22, the deadline
of European Mobility Week, will be able to be photographed on its banner
located in front of City Hall. Uploading their photo
on social media (facebook or instagram) with the 3 hashtags #mobilityweek, #kozanimobilityweek
, # kozanimobilityweek2020 and "like" on the page "European Week
Mobility of the Municipality of Kozani "on facebook or" follow "on Instagram @kozanimobilityweek,
will enter the draw to select two lucky winners of one
bike. Interested parties are kindly requested to be informed of its exact terms
competition on fb "European Mobility Week of the Municipality of Kozani"
17 September
"We lead the movement to modern solutions"
We are looking forward for this online action!
The zoom platform will help us to make a very interesting discussion exactly into the point of this EMW!

18.00 on the YouTube channel of the Municipality of Kozani (ΔΗΜΟΣ ΚΟΖΑΝΗΣ)

This year's issue of "zero emissions" is an occasion for a special interesting online discussion on sustainable mobility and electrification, in which renowned scientists participate.
Mayor and Environmental Deputy Mayor welcomes our guests!
1) Triantafyllou Athanasios
Professor at the Department of Mineral Resources Engineering of the Polytechnic School of the University Western Macedonia, Head of the Environmental Air Pollution Laboratory Physics
"Over time change of air quality in the urban fabric of the city of Kozani - The contribution
of traffic"

2) George Marnellos
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Western Macedonia
"The present and the prospects of Hydrogen propulsion for zero emissions in the sector of transport. "

3) Stimoniaris Dimitris
Assistant Professor of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Of Computers of the University of Western Macedonia
"The electric car as an energy unit"

During this video discussion, we will have the chance to see the electric cars of Municipality of Kozani and learn how the Municipality was benefited by choosing to add them in its fleet.
18 September
1) Walk with the Elderly in the History of Kozani
10.00 we start from the Historical Folklore and Natural History Museum of Kozani. We will meet at exterior area with 10 elderly people (fromElder club of Kozani). All covid-19 measures will be taken! A local historian-guide will start our journey talking to us about the folklore museum of Kozani and about traditional means of transportation. Then we will start walking all together towards the famous Municipal Library of Kozani (one of the most important historical libraries of the Balkans) and the guide will tell us about our history and cultural heritage. We will end our journey at our marvellous Municipal Garden where the elder people will have the chance to exercise with the public fitness equipment that the Municipality has bought with the prize(Green Fund) from previous participations in EMW.

2)"The right of Persons with Disabilities to autonomous and safe movement" (online -via zoom - discussion)
17.00 Presentation of the video on the YouTube channel of the Municipality of Kozani
Mayor and Deputy Mayor welcomes all the participants!
1) Kozani Municipal Police
2) Koutsianos Vassilis: Regional Federation of Persons with Disabilities of the West Of Macedonia
3) Migos Michalis: Association of Persons with Disabilities of Western Macedonia- Prefecture of Kozani
3) Giotas Elias: Association of the Blind of Western Macedonia
4) Lotsios Athanasios: Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of the Disabled, W. Macedonia
5) Pafili Eleni: Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of People with Autism Kozani Prefecture

A very educative action which promotes awareness and care for disabled people and their mobility difficulties.

3)12.00 Painting and delineation of places for the disabled people, together with disabled people. A nice action which has permanent impact.

4) "An educative walking in the suburban paths of Ai Lia" with EOS Kozani
18:00 Hiking starts from Epirus Park, suitable for small children.
The route starts from Niaimeros. Passing through the park of the mainland and the dense forest, we continue entering the network of paths that our fellow citizen Costas Bellas with personal effort and daily care constructed in the mountain range of Aelias. A first stop - breath takes place in the characteristic Hellenotope. So far the degree of difficulty is quite low - also suitable for small hikers, children who together with their parents can get a little taste of hiking! From there we continue our journey circling the hill of Aelias at its base. We reach the famous Pigeons and the old climbing field of the area. We go up approaching the small church - pilgrimage of St. Constantine and continue until
the top and the church of Aelias. A little further down we find the EOS offices Kozani. We descend, re-entering the paths of Costas Bellas. We end up in Niaimeros again.
On the whole, the route is characterized by gentle, without much difficulty. In total we will make a journey of about two and a half hours covering almost 5 kilometers.
Let's have fun!
19 September
1) Title: "Show the path to the child". A great idea to introduce healthy walking habits to kids!
Symbolic road 200 meters, Parents with children, all together walking.
18.00 Meeting point: near the Traffic Educational Park
Co-organization: Kozani Health Runners Association, Athletic and Cultural Organism of Kozani, Municipal Police
All the young participants will apply with a painting (related to EMW 2020) at
Every participant will win souvenirs (EMW tshirts and EMW wooden eco- keychains)
20 September
1) Stroller Workout Kozani
18.00 Mother in a pram? It's time to enjoy a Yoga class with your child !!
Kozani Municipal Garden, duration 30 minutes
An experience trainer will guide you in yoga secrets while we

2) 21.00 Film at the backyard of the Municipal Library of Kozani. While the weather is still warm, we will have the chance to rest after our mobility actions with a classic film. Of course our EMW 2020 videos and promo spots will be played before and after the film.
22 September
1) Car Free Day!
We love this day! This year we will pedestrize a larger part , in the commercial historical part of town, from 15.00 to 21.00 and the people who will go out for shopping will experience a festive evening. The "Percussion Conspiracy", a great local music scheme, will accompany those who choose to move musically
in the pedestrized market!
The mini buses for transportation in the city will be free all day, sponsored by the local Urban organism of Kozani (KTEL Astikon Kozanis)!
The "Tiger drummer" Sotos Koutsounanos, a great musician, will give us a carfree street recital with his drums, at the pedestrized part of the city!

2)Closing ceremony.
We like making a huge party this day, but covid-19 measures will change our plan. We don't lose our pace..we call the gyms of our town, we dance and move and make a video ! We will promote this video in social media and youtube and by this way we will inspire our citizens all year around to get into motion.

3) All the week we will run a selfie contest! People can get a selfie in front of our EMW banner, in the most central part of the town and publish the foto with the EMW hashtags. They automatically get into the contest for winning two bicycles!
Wear your athletic outfit, use bus or bicycle, get a selfie and maybe you will have by 22 September a new , great bicycle!
Also, all children can send their EMW-relevant paintings in We will make a digital exhibition of them!

Permanent measures Permanent measures

Kozani implements one or more new permanent measure(s), which contribute(s) to modal transfer from private car to environmentally sound means of transport.

Improvement of infrastructure (new foot bridges, pavements, road crossings, zebra crossings etc)
Public transport services
Use of ecological vehicles for public transport fleets
Traffic calming and access control scheme
Create park and ride stations
Create wheelchair ramps
New forms of vehicle use and ownership
Use of clean vehicles
Mobility management
Launch of awareness-raising campaigns planned

Car-free day Car-free day

Kozani carries out a Car-Free Day 2020 and closes off one or more streets to traffic, and opens it to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

Zone opened to residents on Car-Free Day:
On Tuesday 22nd September- Car Free Day, we will close a large part of the commercial historic center of Kozani. It is Tuesday evening, the shops are open and many people will be out for shopping. By closing this part of the centre we give them the ability to experience a different reality and a more friendly and noiseless commercial centre.A map will be included (we will close streets: Plakopiti, Makedonomachon, Pagouni,Sintechnion, Karakasi, Zafiraki)