Each EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK focuses on a particular topic related to sustainable mobility, the so-called focal theme. This theme inspires the activities held by local authorities and the types of permanent measures implemented. See the themes from past years below, or visit the theme page for this year.

Thematic Guidelines - European Mobility Week 2022


2022 - "Better Connections"

The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2022 annual theme ‘Better connections’ seeks to highlight and foster synergies between people and places that are offering their expertise, creativity and dedication to raising awareness about sustainable mobility and promoting behavioural change in favour of active mobility, in addition to reaching out and making connections between existing groups and new audiences. The five pillars of 'Better connections' are: People, Places, Packages, Planning & Policy.


2021 - "Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility"

In 2021, the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK theme was "Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility". The theme paid tribute to the hardships felt by Europe - and the world - throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It also reflected on the opportunities for change resulting from this unprecedented health crisis in Europe.


2020 - "Zero-emission mobility for all"

In 2020, the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK theme was "Zero-emission mobility for all". The theme reflected the ambitious target of a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050, as set by the European Commission. It also aimed to highlight the importance of accessibility to zero-emission transport, and sought to promote an inclusive framework involving everyone.


2019 - "Safe Walking and Cycling"

In 2019, the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK theme was "Safe Walking and Cycling" with the slogan "Walk with us". The campaign put the spotlight on safe walking and cycling and the benefits it can have for our health, our environment, and our bank balance.

2018 - "Mix and Move!"

In 2018, the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK theme was "Mix and Move!" The focus of the campaign was on multimodality, or mixing transport modes within the same journey or for different trips. The campaign encouraged us to explore the many different options available for getting from A to B.

2017 - "Sharing gets you further"

In 2017, the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK theme was "Clean, shared, and intelligent mobility" with the slogan "Sharing gets you further. " You can find the key resources below:

2016 - "Smart mobility. Strong economy."

In 2016, EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK was held under the slogan "Smart mobility. Strong economy." with a focus on how smart and sustainable mobility can bring economic as well as environmental benefits, among others. You can find the key resources below:

2015 - "Choose. Change. Combine."

In 2015, EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK combined with DO THE RIGHT MIX under the theme of Multimodality, with the slogan "Choose. Change. Combine." You can find the key resources from 2015 below:

2014 - "Our streets, our choice"

In 2014, EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK took place under the slogan "Our streets, our choice", which focussed on the effects of transport on urban quality of life. You can find the key resources from 2014 below:

2013 - "Clean air - it's your move!"

In 2013, EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK took place under the slogan "Clean air – It’s your move!", which encouraged the public to reflect on the  impact transport has on urban air quality. You can find the key resources from 2013 below:

2012 - "Moving in the right direction"

In 2012 EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK took place under the slogan "Moving in the right direction", reflecting upon the role of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans for European cities and towns. You can find the key resources from 2012 below:

2002 - 2011

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK has taken place in cities across Europe since 2002. To see highlights from the first 10 years of the campaign, view the Best Practice Guide: