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Sustainable Mobility Week Challenge #MueveteConFuturENERGY “Get moving with FuturENERGY”

16 September 2020 - 22 September 2020
Calle Zorzal, número 1C, Piso Bajo C - 28019 - Madrid - Spain
#MueveteConFuturENERGY is a social networks Challenge from the magazine FuturENERGY (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) that aims to motivate our followers, private individuals as well, as companies to travel sustainably during European Mobility Week.
#MueveteConFuturENERGY es un Challenge en las redes sociales de la Revista FuturENERGY (Twitter, Facebook e Instagram), con el cual motivamos a nuestros seguidores, particulares y empresas, a moverse de manera sostenible durante la semana Europea de la Movilidad.


FuturENERGY (Saguenay, S.L.U. )