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Movement + healthy diet + low pollution = healthy life

16 September 2017 - 22 September 2017
Blvd. Decebal, nr 105, Craiova
From 16-22 September 2017, students of the XB, XC classes, together with the tutors and other teachers, will go to Nicolae Romanescu Park . At the same time, many action will be taken to realise that moving along with a healthy diet at the expense of fast food and reducing pollution give a healthy lifestyle.
Intre 16-22.09.2017, elevii claselor XB, XC, impreuna cu dirigintii si cu alti profesori, vor merge in Parcul Nicolae Romanescu. In acelasi timp se vor realiza actiuni prin care sa sa constientize faptul ca miscarea impreuna cu o alimentatie sanatoasa, in detrimentul fastfood-ului si cu reducerea poluarii dau un stil de viata sanatos