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MOBILITYACTIONS in France 2020 (total number: 32)

Association Technopôle du Valenciennois
Mobile ! Mobility in the heart of the Hauts-de-France (exhibition)
19 September 2020
- 20 September 2020
INRAE Occitanie Montpellier
'Training to practice and repair a bicycle' in Montpillier, France
17 September 2020
- 22 September 2020
Tous à roller in Nantes, France
17 September 2020
Ma Cycloentreprise
'Ma Cycloentreprise' in France
01 June 2020
- 31 December 2022
WeWard: Convert every step into cash
Permanent since
22 September 2019
Flexy Moov
Helping people in their day to day mobility at work
Permanent since
05 September 2019
Chambre des Métiers et de l'Artisanat du Rhône
Craft mobility
Permanent since
04 April 2019
pole emploi
bicycle in free service
Permanent since
07 September 2018
keepmove - Carpool confidence, for all!
Permanent since
01 September 2018
EM Services
OptiWay, digital platform for mobility
Permanent since
01 June 2018
Fédération Nationale des Transports de Voyageurs
Digital mapping of bus flows and CNG stations in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (cartographie numérique des flux d'autocars et stations GNV)
Permanent since
31 May 2018
Permanent since
01 May 2018
ARVAL BikeSharing for employee Professionnal and Private use
Permanent since
01 January 2018
Association OLCQ
Permanent since
22 September 2017
French Polynesia Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Trades
Promotion of car sharing among employees
Permanent since
18 September 2017
French Polynesia Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Trades
Subscription a contract with a bicycle courier.
Permanent since
18 September 2017
ARVAL RideSharing for B to B employee trip House to Work / Work to House (in Partnership with KLAXIT)
Permanent since
01 June 2017
Repair and run
Atelier de réparation de vélo
Permanent since
17 September 2016
anatole france
Permanent since
16 September 2016
SoliMobi - Solidarité Mobilité
Cotrajets entre collaborateurs à pied, transports en commun, vélo, trottinette et covoiturage
Permanent since
16 September 2015
The Wink
Permanent since
14 January 2015
ARVAL CarSharing for employee Professionnal and Private use
Permanent since
01 October 2010
ARVAL Electric Vehicle Offer (In Partnership with NewMotion for Charging Plot and Charging Card)
Permanent since
01 January 2010
Association CGLV
Stop malin
Stop Malin
Carpooling short distance offers in Lille (France)
New Eco Technologies SAS
Demo project for hydrogen fuel additive device
Bioviva Editions
Bioviva: car sharing with colleagues!
The Soft Mobility Company
The Soft Mobility Company
Val d'oise Aventures
Canoeing in the country of Van Gogh, activity accessible by train from Paris
Two Roule
Ateliers de prévention trottinette électrique