Want to support aid workers in Ukraine?

Then donate a bicycle - or spare parts - to #BikesForUkraine. #BikesForUkraine is an international campaign providing bicycles for aid workers to deliver medication, food and humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Given the lack of fuel and the impact of Russian military aggression on transport infrastructure, the bicycle has become the most reliable transport mode to deliver humanitarian aid and medical supplies. Visit the official #BikesForUkraine website for more information, here.



What happens with bike donations?

Just one bike can make a big difference for those arranging evacuations, providing much-needed humanitarian aid and travelling within Ukraine. A recent collection of bikes was organised by staff volunteers from the European Commission's Directorate-General for Mobility & Transport (DG MOVE). The volunteers managed to collect 450 bikes for the #BikesForUkraine campaign. Take a look out how these bikes are being used in Ukraine and read on for more information about how you can organise your own bike drive!

How can you support?

#BikesForUkraine collects old and new bikes, spare parts, and donations to support volunteers, social workers and medical workers. You can support by: independently purchasing bicycles abroad or in Ukraine and transferring them to U-Cycle; collecting and repairing used bicycles in your city and organising their transfer to Ukraine; if you are a cycling business – donating bicycles; funding the purchase of bicycles in Ukraine via bank transfer or PayPal transfer to U-Cycle; sharing information about #BikesForUkraine in your circles, via social media, email, etc.


Organise the donation, drop-off or delivery of bikes
Contact U-Cycle for more information



Interview with Ukraine's National Coordinator Lesya Loyko

The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK National Coordinator for Ukraine, Lesya Loyko, shares some of the central challenges that Ukraine faces as a result of the immense damage to its public transportation infrastructure and how Ukrainians continue to show incredible resilience in the face of Russia's invasion.


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According to the United Nations, 6 million people have fled their homes in Ukraine to seek refuge in neighboring countries. Meanwhile, an estimated 6.5 million people are believed to be displaced within the country itself. For those forced to flee to other countries, the European Union is offering key information in Ukrainian and Russian on how to best prepare and travel within the EU. However, for people who have chosen to remain in Ukraine to offer humanitarian aid to those who are unable to escape, a grass-roots campaign spearheaded by the Kyiv Cyclists’ Association (U-Cycle), Eco Misto (Chernihiv), Youth Association Extreme Style (Sumy), Urban Reform (Kharkiv) and FORZA (Uzhhorod) has emerged to increase the mobility of volunteers so that they able to reach those who need their help most.


Learn more about #BikesForUkraine



School buses for Ukraine

Approximately 5.7 million school-aged children in Ukraine have been impacted by Russia’s brutal aggression. Thousands of schools and facilities have been damaged. Learn more about the European Commission’s solidarity campaign to donate school buses to Ukraine.


Buses for Ukraine