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IcelandMosfellsbær, Iceland

8.800 inhabitants
Environmental Department
Tómas Gíslason
Þverholti 2
270 Mosfellsbæ Mosfellsbær
(++354) 525-6700

Participation 2010

Activities within the week Activities within the week

Mosfellsbær organises activities during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2010, taking into account the annual theme.

Encouraging inhabitants to use environmentally friendly methods of travelling.
Introduction of environmentally friendly cars, i.e. electrical, Methan and Hydrogen, including a test drive.
Encouraging inhabitants to leave their car at home for one day.
Encouraging the use of buses as a means of transportation.
Organizing a gathering of cyclists in the centre of town to take part in a group cycling from the suburbs to the Reykjavik city centre.
A joint efford by city counsil and schools and playschools to introduce eco-travelling.
A bicycle show and circus for kids on the town square, to encourage kids to use more bicycles.