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RomaniaBrasov, Romania

253.200 inhabitants
ABMEE - Brasov Agency of Energy Efficiency
Camelia Rata
Brasov City, Bld. Mihail Kogalniceanu 23
(++40) 268 474 209
Brasov already registered 8x for EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK in: 2017 2014 2011 2008 2007 2006 2005 2002

Participation 2014

Activities within the week Activities within the week

Brasov organises activities during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2014, taking into account the annual theme.

Braşov City is a Covenant of Mayors Signatory since 2008 and has committed, through its Sustainable Energy Action Plan, to reduce its CO2 emissions by 32% until 2020.

In order to achieve its ambitious goals, Braşov Municipality has to strongly act within the Mobility and Transport sector. The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Braşov is an ongoing process, and along this strategic action, the Municipality has participated as well in the past and will actively involve in the framework of the European Mobility Week.
Taking into consideration the theme of 2014, "Our streets, our choice", Braşov Municipality, having as partners the Local Energy Management Agency - ABMEE, and the Local Transport Company - R.A.T. Braşov, has decided to have a whole week of Sustainable Urban Mobility actions, in order to celebrate the European Mobility Week.

The series of actions will include:
- Launching a trolleybus mini-fleet
- “Doors Open Day” to mark the celebration of the “European Trolleybus Day”
- Implementing the Traffic Snake Game, a campaign developed to encourage walking and cycling to school, with primary school children, parents and teachers being the main target group.

This event aims to promote greener and sustainable ways of public transport in Braşov City. Braşov City Transport Company has expanded its fleet of trolleybuses starting with the month of September in order to improve the transport conditions, to enhance the quality of the trips and to support Braşov City in its efforts to reduce the amount of CO2.

The "Doors Open Day" will mark the celebration of the “European Trolleybus Day” and it will be carried out at Poienelor Street with the presentation of a newly purchased trolleybus. Representatives of R.A.T. Braşov will inform children regarding: trolleybus operation principles, technical details and the importance of cleaner means of transportation.
During this event, the organizers will distribute information flyers (regarding the importance of environmentally friendly transportation), the official poster of the event created by the TROLLEY:motion, the “Doors Open Day” poster and other promotional materials.

In addition to promoting the event by means of poster display and flyer distribution, the campaign that promotes this cleaner alternative of public transportation will also be visible in the online environment. The event will be actively promoted on the “” portal and its Facebook page, via Braşov Municipality official website and Facebook page, as well as on ABMEE webiste.

On September 19th, 2014, about 100 children are expected to participate at the presentation of the newly purchased trolleybus.

This campaign is designed for primary schools and aims to encourage children, parents and teachers to adopt walking, cycling, public transport or car sharing when travelling to and from school.

Starting out as a relatively small project in Flanders (Belgium) the TSG has evolved into a Europe wide campaign, with more and more schools in other countries playing the game. Evidence has shown that the campaign successfully increases sustainable transport modes and reduces CO₂ emissions.

As well as playing the game, every participating school is encouraged to organize other activities and lessons concerning traffic and mobility, environmental and health issues.

To spread this good practice across Europe, the Traffic Snake Game Network was established, which currently consists of national focal points (NFP) from eighteen European countries.

In Romania, OER Association is the National Focal Point and implements the TSG campaign in 13 cities, involving in the game 56 schools and over 7.500 children. The campaign will start on the 22nd of September and will run for two weeks.

Braşov Municipality has registered the higher number of schools in the TSG campaign. The game will be played in 8 primary schools, by over 1.800 children.

With this two-week campaign, Braşov Municipality and ABMEE aim to break down negative perceptions, such as the concern about road safety, and promote sustainable modes as fun and healthy for both parents and children.

By walking and cycling, children become more aware of their surroundings and develop road safety skills as well as improve their ability to anticipate other users of the road. Furthermore, walking and cycling contributes to the recommended amount of daily exercise that children need. It also reduces congestion and parking pressure in school environment.

During the two weeks, children put dots on a banner every time they walk, cycle, use public transport or carpool to school. Each school sets its own target at the beginning of the campaign period based on a pre-measurement. The goal is to fill the Traffic Snake banner with dots by the end of the two weeks. Each day, a hands up survey is carried out to monitor progress on the school target. Children receive a reward when they reach key points on the banner. Rewards might include: no homework, extra 15 minutes playtime or something similar. When the children reach the head of the snake, they will receive an even bigger reward e.g; a walking or cycling tour or any reward that the school can organize.

Three weeks after the game is played, all hands up data from the measurements before, during and after the campaign is collected and analysed.

The most important expected result of the Traffic Snake Game is to have schools focus on the message of sustainability and introduce it in the daily curricula.

Permanent measures Permanent measures

Brasov implements one or more new permanent measure(s), which contribute(s) to modal transfer from private car to environmentally sound means of transport.

Public transport services
Extension of the Trolleybus fleet, development of a more cleaner and sustainable public transportation system
Traffic calming and access control scheme
Involvement of primary schools children in a campaign developed to encourage walking and cycling to school
Mobility management
Launch of awareness-raising campaigns
Elaboration of educational materials