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Participating city

12.000 inhabitants

Local contact

Zebbug Local Council
Paula M. Valletta
Zebbug Local Council,
Frans Sammut Street
Zebbug Malta
++356 21468181

Participation 2018

The participant is committed to:

Organising a week of activities, taking into account the focal theme.
16 September

The aim of this event is to give bicycle familiarity lessons and cycling tips to novel bicycle users who may not have had the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike due to missed opportunities, social biases and cultural restrictions. This may in particular affect female cyclists, and the aim of this event will also help address cultural stereotypes towards female cyclists, empowering them in the process.
These lessons will be held in the Misraħ l-Isptar and open to any cyclist who turns up. This event will be promoted on social media from two weeks in advance and subscription for the event will be encouraged, but it will not obligatory so as to allow people who may spontaneously decide to attend to participate in this event, hence increasing the number of beneficiaries. A number of bicycles will also be available for those who would want to try cycling but do not have a bicycle yet.
17 September
17th September: NUMRI TAR-ROTI
The aim of this event is to carry out a survey, on social media, on how people perceive mobility in Malta, focusing on the use of sustainable modes of transport and the reasons which people give for using / not using these modes of mobility.
The two main research questions leading this survey are: 1. How do people in Malta prefer to travel and why? 2. Do people in Malta consider sustainable modes of transport for their mobility? Why? The survey, in the form of an anonymous questionnaire through Survey Monkey®, which will take around 3 minutes to fill in, aims to collect 2000 responses, the results of which will be used for local transport studies which BAG conducts on a regular basis.
18 September
This event is aimed to raise awareness of the rules which cyclists must abide with, as mentioned in the Malta Highway Code, and that cyclists must abide by these rules if they intend to use the roads responsibly. It is also aimed to educate cyclists on how to assess risks when cycling through traffic, and on how to safeguard their own safety.
This event will provide a theory and practice session on the traffic rules for cyclists, giving the opportunity to participants to apply what they have learnt in the theoretical session by practising these rules on the road. Participants will be shown a short powerpoint presentation of the basic rules including how to make hand signals; how to take position on the lane; how to evaluate risk assessment and safety, etc., followed by a short training ride where the rules are put into practice. This event will be advertised on social media two weeks in advance and participants would need to subscribe to it (free of charge). Depending on the number of subscriptions, the lessons and rides will be split into groups (adults and children).
19 September
The aim of this event is to encourage cultural bike touring in children and adults, both within their locality and abroad.
This event would follow a pre-determined historic route in Żebbuġ where the guide stops the tour at specific points of interests such as churches, chapels, monuments, shelters etc. and gives a brief history and description of the site. A police escort will accompany the participants who would be able to cycle along the route, with their guide. This event requires participants to subscribe in advance (free of charge), and a route facilitating bicycle use will be mapped out.
20 September
The aim of this event is to understand the main challenges which the Żebbuġ residents are encountering to travel in and out of their locality and propose alternative modes of transport which can help alleviate current issues.
A small, qualitative research study will be conducted with the main research questions being: 1. Which are the main challenges which Żebbuġ residents encounter to travel in and out of their locality? 2. How can Żebbuġ residents contribute to address these issues in their village?
Face-to-face interviews, video-recorded and transcribed, will be held with a maximum of 30 participants, using random sampling through a ‘vox-populi’ approach. This data will then be analysed and a report will be submitted to the Żebbuġ Local Council which, in collaboration with BAG, can hold a think tank at local council level to consider ways of facilitating mobility in this village.
21 September
This event is aimed to promote cycling as a feasible, practical and cost efficient mode of transport in Malta, especially if combined with the use of a car, the ferry (Cospicua – Valletta; Sliema to Valletta; Ċirkewwa to Mġarr) or walking.
A number of adverts will be uploaded online (BAG website, BAG Facebook page) on the day for 2 weeks, displaying photos of people in Malta using the bicycle as a way of commuting or to run errands, and with captions explaining how cycling can be easily integrated in our daily lives, in conjunction with other modes of transport.
22 September
The aim of this event is to promote cycling among the Żebbuġ residents by giving it more visibility and exemplifying its practical, fun aspects.
This event will be a culmination of this week’s activities and will be held in the main pjazza. The focus of this fair will be the use of the bicycle as a sustainable mode of transport, but will also include other stands and sub-events which will help the Żebbuġ community to congregate and socialise within their village core, with entertainment and open areas.
A number of bicycle related stalls will be set up, giving bicycle enterprises the opportunity to display their bicycles and other related products in the village square.

The event will involve the local food outlets in the village square to set up an area for food and entertainment, giving people the opportunity to enjoy the value of the open spaces created. Screening of short films and educational talks related to bicycle use will take place.

A designated track for children under supervision will be created allowing kids to ride their bicycles in a safe environment. There will also be an area where people can learn how to cycle safely, and try out product placements. The possibility of a park and cycle to the village square is also being taken into consideration to go hand in hand with the mix an move theme.