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EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2016 theme links economics and mobility

7 March 2016

The theme for the 2016 edition of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK will be 'Smart and sustainable mobility - an investment for Europe', referring to the close ties between transport and economics. Under the call to action “Smart Mobility. Strong Economy”, this year’s theme points out that smart planning and use of transport will save cities and residents money and support local economic growth.

A greater shift to alternative mobility modes will help to relieve the negative impacts of personal vehicles, and therefore reduce the costs of these problems. Public funds can be spent on improving transport rather than solving problems caused by it, and the benefits of cleaner and safer mobility can support and grow jobs in cities and neighbourhoods.

It is not only public authorities that benefit - private companies whose employees commute by active modes take less sick days due to improved health, and are often more productive at work. Recent research has also shown that trading in local shops increases as it becomes safer and more attractive for shoppers to walk and cycle. Moreover, sustainable mobility also has an impact on personal finances - such as money saved that would otherwise be spent on fuel.

For more information, visit the 2016 theme page.