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Help us choose the most impressive MOBILITY ACTION of 2020

9 December 2020

This year, we received 900 MOBILITYACTIONs from businesses, schools, NGOs and other organisations across Europe. Five of those have been nominated for the title of Best MOBILITYACTION 2020, and now we need your help to choose our winner!

As of today, 9 December, we have posted each nominee on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The nominee with the most likes and shares by 12.00 CET (Brussels time) on 16 December will be declared the winner! The winner will be announced on 17 December 2020.

Now for the nominees…

Free your city! in Szeged (Hungary)
In order to encourage children to choose sustainable modes of transport, the City of Szeged has created an interactive game that highlights the problems associated with car traffic. Problems identified range from air and noise pollution, to space management. Through the game, children learn about the environmental impact of transport and how their choices can make a difference.

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Organiser: City of Szeged

Hive.mobility: innovation centre for smart and green mobility, Groningen (The Netherlands)
Hive.mobility is an innovation centre in northern Netherlands, which works with local stakeholders to develop smart and green mobility solutions for passenger and freight transport.

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Organiser: hive.mobility

'Promote Park + Ride' in Antwerp (Belgium)
In an attempt to reduce the number of cars travelling into the city of Antwerp over the weekend, Q-Park offers commuters a 50% discount on their park and ride facility. The facility is located close to the Antwerp Berchem train station and Antwerp ringroad. From there, commuters can travel into the city using public transport.

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Organiser: Q-Park Belgium

'Kidical Mass Köln – Kids on the bike!' in Cologne (Germany)
‘Kidical Mass Köln’ follows along the same lines as ‘critical mass’ – a form of direct action whereby people gather together on a certain date and time in order to travel through their neighbourhood or city by bicycle.
Through their action, ‘Kidical Mass Köln’ hopes to highlight and campaign for child-friendly transport policies in the city. The action is open to residents of all ages.

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Organiser: Kidical Mass Köln

'Optimised mobility at night' in Padua (Italy)
In order to meet a growing need for night time public transportation in the City of Padua, Padam Mobility developed technology to allow the city, in collaboration with the University of Padua, to roll-out a Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) solution.
Padam mobility developed the algorithm behind the system, alongside user and driver apps, and helped to implement it in the city.

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Organiser: Padam Mobility