THEME 2023

The 2023 EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK theme is Save Energy. Why is it important to save energy through sustainable urban mobility? Because energy and mobility poverty are rising due to higher costs for residents and businesses across Europe. Meanwhile, operating public transport continues to be a high expense for city budgets - reducing this expense through energy efficient transport will support affordable and sustainable transport infrastructures.

Following Russia's unwarranted invasion of Ukraine, it is also crucial to reduce dependency on Russian oil and to shift to sustainable energy sources, which will simultaneously move Europe toward a climate-neutral future by 2050.

Collective action to reduce energy use has already made a positive impact on fuel reserves and prices, but there is more to be done! This year, let’s explore ways to make sure our mobility habits contribute to these collective efforts.



Thematic Guidelines: Quick Guide Factsheets

The following ‘Quick Guide’ factsheets are divided into five topical areas - 1) Public Transport, 2) Active Mobility, 3) Minimising Car Dependency, 4) Mobility Management and 5) Infrastructure Solutions - and provide a clear explanation of the 2023 theme - Save Energy - and how to communicate this as part of your campaign.


Introduction to the theme: 'Save Energy' - PDF - 218 KB


Public transport - PDF - 275 KB


Active mobility - PDF - 336 KB


Minimising car-dependency - PDF - 320 KB

Mobility Management - PDF - 262 KB

Infrastructure solutions - PDF - 295 KB


Download all of the Quick Guide Factsheets in EU languages on our Campaign Resources page.